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UK Venison is an importer of prime Red deer stock from across Europe. UK Venison is global in its approach to acquiring the very best Red Deer stock for onward farming of venison in the UK. We carry out testing for TB, Johnes Disease and other diseases, holding the deer in situ for at least eight weeks to further monitor prior to import to the UK.

UK Venison sources only the largest animals showing excellent conformation to add to our breeding herds, bringing back excellent genetic traits from the larger European Red Deer bloodlines showing strong antler growth and high meat yields.

Red Deer Farming

UK Venison's Red Deer breeding stocks originate from a diverse gene pool of the strongest Scottish lowland and the larger European Red Deer from Hungary, Croatia and Eastern Europe. We will also be purchsing deer from Woburn Deer Park in 2017.

We aim to become the UK's leading Red Deer farming enterprise and supplier of prime grass reared venison. We have ambitious growth plans to exploit the potential of the market in which we operate, expanding our enterprise by increasing the number of farming units, providing a consistently high standard of both stock and finished venison with annual production capacity to match.

We seek to expand rapidly throughout the country, establishing our deer farms to offer farmers an attractive, income generating proposition or long term index linked rental income for use of land suitable for deer farming.

Uk Venison Red Deer Farming

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